what made i-Billing Master today
Fine Line between Perfectionism and Passion!!

i-Billing Master is an innovative ERP solution plethora ameliorating Retail, Wholesale and Distribution businesses since 2011. At i-Billing Master, we are passionate in developing tailor made ERPs capable to embrace business optimizations and digital transformations that help businesses to burgeon in the dynamic market scenario. As a success in technology exploring, our team assures accurate and reliable software solutions that empower businesses by minimizing human resources & operational expenses, enabling complete business control, effective business decision suggestion through analytics, recommending accurate business performance status and many more. We have a broad number of customers successfully running their businesses ranging from tiny stores to multilocation chains to franchise model shops to production units to large enterprises to shopping malls with i-Billing Master software solutions.


Team iBM

Team iBM is passionate in exploring technology and engaged in developing innovative products that delight customers by automating their businesses.


Exploring Technology

Utilize immense possibilities of technology for developing innovative software products that serve clients to run their businesses simply and profitably.


User Interface

iBM software solutions that simple as business owners require employees with least technical skills to handle it simply.

Why Choose Us
01.24/7 Support

Customer service desk is available 24/7 for supporting customers through different levels - Online support, mobile support and on site support.


Experience in handling day-to-day operations of broad spectrum of businesses make us perfect in problem solving & making tailormade solutions.

03.Multiplatform Access

iBM solutions can be accessed from anywhere at anytime through any platform - smart phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, android etc.

04.Customer is King

We dont believe in providing a solution to customer, we make it fruitful to them by assisting along their business journey and build a strong relationship.

Retail Business
all businesses that sell consumer goods or services to customers.

Covers many industries like Fashion, Food Business, Apparel, Footwear, Departmental Stores, Supermarkets, Electrical & Electronics shops, Computer shops, Beauty Parlours, Pharmacies, Healthcare, Stationary Shops, Automobile Shops, Agro Products shop, Hardware shops, Sports Shops, Book shops, Furnishing shops, Fruit & Vegetable shops and many retail businesses spread across many industries.

Wholesale Business
all businesses that move goods from manufacturer to market.

Covers wholesaling of many industries like Fashion, Apparel, Footwear, Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Beauty Products, Medicines, Healthcare items, Stationary items, Automobile accessories, Agro Products, Hardwares, Sports goods, Books, Furnishing items, Fruit & Vegetables and many products needed by consumers.

Distribution Units
all businesses that acts as a connecting link between manufacturers and consumers.

Covers all distribution channels like Pharma Distribution, Packed Foods Distribution, Autoparts Distribution, Surgicals Distribution, Stationary Distribution, Agro Products Distribution, Building Materials Distribution, FMCG Distribution, Packaged Water Distribution, Vegetable & Fruit Distribution.

Production Units
all businesses that involve in manufacturing goods to market.

Covers factories or production units that manufacture goods like Medicines, Packaged Foods, Drinking Water, Bags, Shoes, Garments, Processed Foods.