i-Tex Master

Complete Control of your Textile Business

Realtime business monitoring software to reduce working operations and can efficiently handle all information regarding your textile business.

Flexible Barcoding

Barcode generation according to purchase - secret label for identifying from which supplier it was purchased and purchase number for understanding at what rate it was purchased.

Multistore Control

Connect all outlets together and manage from single point of control from where product price updation, customer offers & schemes settings, outlet wise price setting can be controlled.


Dissolve Stock

Ecommerce Integration

Re-order Levels

PO Generation

Itemwise Profit

Smart Reports

Role based User Access

CRM & Loyalty

Daily Stocktake

Accurate Stock

Track Products

Product Margins

Sales Return

Quotation Generation

Fast Moving Products

Slow Moving Products

Non Moving Products

GST Report Generation

Frictionless management of your garment retail and wholesale business

Understand what is the status of your shop today and act accordingly by analyzing data from the software - purchase more inventory by analyzing fast, slow and non moving items, brand/supplier wise demands etc. Utilize every sale opportunities - formulating new offers, coupons, promotions and by effectively creating a CRM channel to stick your customers to your brand.

drag your business closer to profit

Automate your business to enhance profit and ensure high turnover

Instant information about your business helps to take timely decisions for achieving greater profits. Secured and efficient store operations and business monitoring is ensured by our easy-to-use billing software even if your business operates through multiple stores spread across multiple locations.

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Barcode Stock Management

Purchase wise barcode generation and barcode wise stock management is possible with accurate analytics.

Item Management - Size & Color

Lifecycle of all products can be tracked based on size and color which enable complete control of garment items.

Express Checkout

Ensure easy and fast checkout experience for customers using the Quickpay option of the software.

Easy-to-use Interface

Easy interface software which does not require technically skilled employees. Training of 30 minutes required.

Complete Control Of Your Textile Business - Retail & Wholesale

01.Reduce Theft / Pilferage

Stock take mobile app for finding stock disparity by analysing software vs physical stock and easy stock reconciliation.

02.Exact Inventory Status

Total awareness about items in inventory understands about the blocked working capital as non-moving, wastage & damage items.

03.Credit Management

Track your credit customers - have full control on their credit bills, credit days, transactions, outstanding amount, settlements etc

04.Profit oriented Purchases

Calculate exact landing cost of products and get suggestions for next purchases based on product sales to assure maximum profit.

Garment Wholesale
Branded Outlets
Custom made SKUs
SKUs that identify inventory

Formulate your own custom SKU that easily identifies products based on purchases - purchase number, supplier and purchase rate.

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Grow to next level
Add more Outlets and Online Store

Easy expansion of your business by adding more stores and through Ecommerce Integration which all can be controlled from a central location.

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Easy Configuration of

Clearance Sales

Achieve more sales and liquidate dead stock by executing clearance sales through configuring different pricing for products within a period of time which is between a pre-specified start and end date.

Business Consolidation in


Quickly understand the current status of your garment business over a selected period of time by analysing the information and graphs displayed in the Dashboard of the software.

Auto Tax Calculation

GST Ready

Auto calculation of GST according to sale rate slabs of garments. For example, 5% GST for garment items below Rs.1000 and 12% GST for garment items above Rs.1000.

i-Tex Master
Exclusive software for garment business
Multiple Payment Channels

Ensure easy checkout experience for customers by supporting multiple payment channels like Cash, Card, Cash & Card, GooglePay, Paytm etc. Sale reports categorised according to payment channels, counters and users can be generated. Easy monitoring of cash flow is possible and also ensure curbing of theft.

Smart Purchase Order Generation

Simplified PO generation formula that ensures profit in your purchases itself. Accurate landing cost of each products is calculated by handling free items, discounts - cash & scheme, taxes, freight charges etc. Raise Purchase Orders after analysing purchase trends and invoice them with utmost easiness.

Effective Sales Return

Simplified presentation of Sales Return option enables speedy return of sale bills without complicating return calculations. This eliminates interruption and dilemma among customers and billing staff and ensures happy shopping experience for customers having a return requirement and thus retain them.